What To Expect In 6 Weeks Visit To Baby Scan Clinic In Milton Keynes

At 6 weeks of your pregnancy, you still might feel everything that's happening a bit surreal. Some to-be-moms can not wait to go to a Milton Keynes baby scan clinic for their first checkup. But on the other hand, some would be scared and wrecked with nerves to even go inside the clinic. For those moms-to-be, we are going to tell you everything that you can expect once you step inside the clinic.

We should start by giving a briefing on what an ultrasound is. It is basically a scan of your abdomen and pelvic area and the sonogram is the photograph that is produced. They are not x-rays and are completely safe. It is a non-invasive procedure and takes 15-30 minutes. You will be able to see your baby for the first time. The doctor in the baby scan clinic will be able to tell you about the growth and development of the baby. You will also be able to hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time.

What Happens During the Scan?

Nowadays most doctors don't say it, but it's still better to go with a full bladder. It allows the technician to get a clearer view of the baby. It may become hard, but try not to relieve yourself until the appointment is concluded. After you lay down on the exam room bed the doctor will apply a water-based gel on your abdomen.
Wear something comfortable while visiting a baby scan clinic that will be easy to pull up preferably a legging and an oversized t-shirt. Most importantly, wear something that you won't be worried about if it gets ruined by the gel. If you have any questions, concerns, and queries make a list of them so that you don't forget to ask your doctor after the scan.

What Can You Expect to See?

Every first-time mother has some kind of expectations about what they are going to see in their first ultrasound baby scans. Don't get disappointed if they don't meet your expectations. A 6-week ultrasound is very early, so you won't be able to see much. Do not panic if you can't see anything at first. Often it may happen you are earlier in your pregnancy than predicted.

In normal cases, the doctor will be able to detect the position of the shape and the position of the embryo. They will be able to see which side is the head and which side will be the legs. If you can not see it for yourself then ask the doctor to let you know which side is what. The doctor will also check the location of the embryo in the uterus to make sure it has attached itself the right way.

That is all you will be able to see and should expect for your 6-week visit to a Milton Keynes baby scan clinic.

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